10 Best Young Living Essential Oils for Skin Problems

 I adore young living essential oils for their top quality therapeutic grade essential oils! Young Living essential oils are one of the most popular essential oil brands out there because they supply only high quality and therapeutic grade essential oils that are distilled from their own distillery and farms in the US and all over the world. The essential oils company started out with just one small farm and distillery but they have now expanded to worldwide and sell all kinds of essential oils and exciting essential oil blends. They have a foundation and history that support the quailty I am looking for in essential oils. 

The reason one of my friends started using essential oils in the first place was to help support her body in healing cystic and painful under-the-skin acne that always littered her cheeks!  But after using oils consistently on her face and making some crucial dietary changes like including probiotics in my diet, her skin problems begin to clear up.  If you’re also plagued with acne and pimples, then you definitely must try out essential oils as a natural and safe remedy. Check out the 10 best young living essential oils for acne including their origins and scent profile below:

1. Tree Tea Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Melaleuca alternifolia
Origin: Australia
Scent Profile: Strong, medicinal, herbal, fresh

The Australian Aboriginals were the first to use tea tree for its healing properties. They used it to treat a myriad of skin conditions including treating wounds, respiratory conditions and skin ailments among others. Tea tree oil is the best young living essential oil for acne because wonderful  properties. 

2. Lavender Essential Oil

Scientific Name :Lavandula angustifolia
Origin: Africa, Europe, Asia
Scent Profile: Sweet, clean, floral, fresh

The most versatile essential oil on the planet, lavender essential oil provides skin soothing properties. Lavender essential oil also has amazing skin cleansing properties. The name ‘lavender’ itself comes from the ancient Latin word lavare which means ‘to wash’. It helps to dissolve dead cells, stale sebum, dirt, grime and pollution from deep within the pores and drive them out thereby preventing skin problems.

3. Frankincense Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Boswellia carteri
Origin: Somalia, Oman, Middle East
Scent Profile: Earthy, Balsamic Scent

Though particularly effective for aging and mature skin types, frankincense is also a powerful essential oil for skin problems. Its properties are useful in soothing and good for fighting off skin issues. It can be applied ‘neat’ onto the skin without diluting with a carrier oil. Simply place a drop on your clean finger and gently dab on large painful pimples.

4. Lemon Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Citrus limon
Origin: US, Argentina
Scent Profile: Fresh, citrusy

Young Living Lemon essential oil is cold-pressed from fresh lemon peels of lemons grown in Argentina and United States. Its powerful properties promote strong immune system while its cooling and refreshing properties calm the skin. Lemon essential oil is also rich in citric acid that is a natural bleaching agent that fades blemishes!

5. Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Ocicum Bacilicum
Origin: Tropical Asia & Pacific Islands
Scent Profile: Strong, spicy and peppery

According to a document published in the International Journal of Cosmetic Sciences, holy basil and sweet basil essential oils have been found to be effective against acne. With its strong immune system boosting properties, it doesn’t come as a surprise! 

6. Geranium Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Pelargonium graveolens.

Origin: Africa

Scent Profile: Flowery, uplifting aroma

Geranium essential oil is one of the best young living essential oils for skin care in general. It has powerful properties that make it effective in helping to heal and prevent skin problems.

Geranium essential oil is one of my best essential oils for beauty. It smells absolutely gorgeous too!

7. Clary Sage Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Salvia sclarea
Origin: South Europe
Scent Profile: Herbal, earthy aroma with a slight hint of fruitiness.

Apart from relaxing the mind and balancing moods, did you know that Clary sage essential oil is also one powerful natural remedy skin problems do to hormonal balancing? It balances and regulates the skin’s natural oils which help reduce problems. 

8. Oregano Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Origanum vulgare
Origin: Eurasian and Mediterranean regions
Scent Profile: Strong, slightly minty, camphor-like scent

A powerful essential oil oregano has immune boosting properties that make it effective for a variety of skin problems. It is a has a high amount of phenols, organic compounds known for their disinfectant properties, so it can be used to thoroughly cleanse the face. Caution: Oregano essential oil is very potent so always ensure to first dilute it in a carrier oil or base cream/ingredient before use. (Use 1-3 drops of essential oil in 1 tbsp of base ingredient)

9. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile essential oil is also especially good for soothing dry itchy skin!

Scientific Name: Chamaemelum nobile
Origin: Europe & parts of Africa
Scent Profile: Sweet, calming, apple-like scent

Chamomile essential oil is known for its soothing and calming properties that help relax the mind, body, and soul. For the skin, it is a great for skin soothing and moisturizing properties.

10. Rose Essential Oil

Scientific Name: Rose damascena
Origin: Persia
Scent Profile: Sweet, feminine, floral, fresh, rosy, romantic

Popularly known for its luxurious skin rejuvenating properties, the rose is one of the best young living essential oils for the skin and many other uses.

Homemade Skin Care Cream with Tea Tree Oil

I found an incredibly easy acne cream recipe which uses only two ingredients yet it’s given me very effective results! I mostly use it as a moisturizer every after cleansing my face like the recipe suggests but I also use it as an anti-acne night cream as well since night is the time skin regenerates itself. Go check out the homemade acne cream with tea tree oil and see if it works for you too. 

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